#1 – What emotions or words are stirred up when you hear the words descend into the dark unknown?

#2 – What resonated the most with you when Pastor Drew talked about the disorientation that comes when you can’t see the entire path clearly ahead of you?

#3 – Read the entirety of Hebrews 11. What is the common denominator of the many heroes of Scripture that stepped out into the unknown?

#4 – Do you believe the same is required of you in your own canyon crossing?

#5 – Have each person describe what they can’t see in the canyon before them.

#6 – Considering that Scripture is referred to as a “lamp unto my feet and a light to my path,” (Psalm 119:105) what Scripture passages can help illuminate your next steps? Take time searching Scripture and sharing what you find. (Tip: use www.openbible.info/topics to keyword search what the Bible has to say about a particular topic)

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